Combining educational technology with one to one support to improve outcomes for vulnerable people in social care settings

Responsive support – greater insight – independence

“I’ve seen a girl I support really improve her skills massively from using it, not just in the kitchen but in house jobs and in her confidence in doing things independently”

Support worker

“I’ve found it [the self assessments] really helpful with the little men [icons] on the side, it helps me think what I have done – a bit of support, no support or more support. I found it really good to tell the staff what I think and they can tell what they think”

AutonoMe user

Our consistent approach accelerates learning 

We help vulnerable service users to develop independent living skills in the home through tailored instructional content accessed via the AutonoMe app and expert one to one support 

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Supporting us to improve outcomes for vulnerable people in Social Care

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GDPR compliant

✔️ real-time data directly from vulnerable service users

✔️ Analysis and reports to inform reviews and commissioning

✔️ Measure and evaluate the impact


have a smart device

Use what’s in their pocket

Vulnerable people already own a smart device. According to the 2019 Ofcom report, 70% of people with Learning Disabilities have a smartphone and 69% have a tablet device.

We support over 300 vulnerable people

We also support a further 100+ vulnerable users across the UK for Covid-19 with a slimmed-down free version of our service

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