Founder Story


Vision from experience.

Where it all began

12 years ago our Founder, William Britton, had recently left University after completing his Video Production Degree and was working in the industry. Whilst working in the Video Production industry he got a 2-week ‘temp job’ on the side supporting vulnerable students with Learning Disabilities and Mental Health needs at the local FE College. He enjoyed the experience so much that he stopped taking on video production work and focussed his career on vulnerable people. He went on to become a full-time support worker, completed his PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) specialising in vulnerable students and spent 5 years as an Assistive Technology specialist. Founded in 2015 William combined his understanding of the challenges faced by vulnerable people and his skills in Video Production and technology to produce high-quality instructional video content that guided service users successfully through activities. After a number of successful pilots we’re scaling up to help as many vulnerable people as possible.

Growing the vision. 

My Story. My Mission.


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