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AutonoMe blends human support and technology to help neurodiverse people and those with learning disabilities live more independent and fulfilled lives.

The AutonoMe app gives people access to our extensive video library of co-produced, care-act-aligned content, and our Development Coordinators provide expert one-to-one support to unlock independence!

We work in partnership with local authorities, the NHS and providers to support learners in a variety of settings including;

  • Enablement

  • Preparing for Adulthood

  • Day Services

  • Supported Living

Our system is simple to implement, and we have extensive experience in growing pathfinder projects to a large scale; with more than 150 referrals annually at our largest site.

Our model allows us to support many people across an area, changing lives, and delivering a two-times return on investment to the local authority as well as the wider societal benefits.

"AutonoMe offers the potential to develop an individual’s potential for greater independence around their daily living skills and activities; thereby reducing the need for intensive 1:1 support in these areas. AutonoMe is totally supportive of our care management practice, supporting reviews, and working alongside our Support Providers to embed AutonoMe into daily routines and support plans."

— Senior Commissioning Manager

Impact from our learners...



Improved independence reduces demand on the social care system, freeing up valuable resources.


AutonoMe costs less than two hours of support a week but can go much further because of our technology-enabled approach.


Learning new skills leads to improved confidence, wellbeing and a reduction in anxiety.

Emma our development coordinator with Independent living skills learner. Button shaped image.

The App

The AutonoMe app gives access to tailored video content created by our team of experts; step-by-step instructions on a range of independent living skills (aligned to Care Act categories of eligible need and ASCOF measures) direct to learners whenever they need them. The app also collects self-reported progress data direct from learners.

A Development Coordinator

An AutonoMe Development Coordinator will work with a learner (remotely and face to face) to undertake an initial assessment and identify with them (and their supporters) the skills they want to acquire. They will continue to work with the learner, and their support network, for as long as they choose to use AutonoMe. In this way, we can build up an incredibly detailed picture of progress and adapt the system as the learner’s independence grows.

Emma our development coordinator with Independent living skills learner. Button shaped image.

The Data Dashboard

The AutonoMe data dashboard provides real-time data on learners’ journey towards independence; enabling success to be recognised and decisions on the support needs to be based on clearly evidenced outcomes.

Interested in seeing AutonoMe in action?

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